Tanzania 2011 “What else is there?” we thought in the beginning of 2011. “What is  unique and untouched yet?” was the question.  We found Selous, the super big Game Reserve, the biggest in Africa  and Ruahaa, the 2nd biggest National Park on earth, right after  Yellow Stone National Park, USA.   Selous splits into two sections: The north for hunters, which use  lenses to get their “killing”. Further south, for hunters who spend ten-  thousands of dollars for a serious kill. The Reserve funds itself via  those serious hunters so is the biggest industry in Tanzania. The  north comprises a tenth of the park and was converted into a Safari-  Zone not long ago. Some of its animals still remember hunting and  are a bit shy.  We spend 4 nights in Selous Impala Camp.  Ruahaa used to be a hunting area some time ago aswell. But the  majority of animals, especially in the northern park is now used to  friendly tourists. Further south the park is so untouched yet that the  animals are more sceptic about vehicels. Especially on foot they are  difficult to see as their DNA tells them, that “animals” on 2 legs are  dangerous. Their fly-distance is very high. Just 3000 tourists per year  are in this park at the moment. This is not much given the space  available: it equals the size of Switzerland.   We spend 6 nights in Jongomero Camp (2 nights fly camp) and 4  nights in Mdonya Old River Camp.  Both are great spots to visit. We would not recommend those for first  time safari-beginners, as the game is more challenging to find.  However we found great opportunities to take amazing pictures (we  find) and - more importantly -to have an extraordinary experience.  On the map are 3 hyperlinks. You may use those or click on the links  above.  One thing to mention: the photos might have been cut or increased a  bit in contrast but not photoshopped to the “normal” extent.  We will update the content soon in order to give more ideas about  things to consider when going there.  source: Google Maps