India, 1997 Jan did an internship there for half a year. While Britta spend that time in Texas we did a trip though India therafter together. St. Petersburg 2004 Easter, phantastic weather, no tourists, all freshly refurbished and done. Great experience with great pictures and not at all difficult given the fact that we both weren’t able to speak/ read a word in russian. Istanbul 2005 Easter and curious about that city which comprises 2 continents and 2 cultures (or more?!) Great! At times we stop some where when we are on a long trip to see where we are when we are required to change the plane. Or we go for an extended weekend or anything else which does not qualify for the other categories but which is worth to highlight. This is what you can find here! Taipai 2005 On the way to Micronesia, booked 2 nights in this strange country which nobody ever was it seemed. Pretty interesting - however only a few shots from there. Ecuador 2007 Just did the diving on the Galapagos and then - once there in Ecuador - we thought we should discover a bit of the country full of myths and vulcanes - Banos. Cornwall, England 2011 Tried to get to know the country a bit better and found a juwel at the south-west coast. Moreover were lucky with the weather as it was early in the year. Glad that we did it! April can be a good month. NEW