again, landscape changes all the time on the way to Damara-Lodge lush greens and very healy all around getting closer to the Lodge entering the "drama" damaraland our flat from inside, the walls were made of tente linen sunrise, looks like the table mountain life if everywhere, and this guy makes "quak" like a frog Damaraland, watch out when you reach the area when it goes left (while going south). The little  sign is easy to miss if you are at “high” speed. And the camp run by Wilderness is not to see from  the road as it is some 10km away behind hills. We don’t know why the camp was set up exactly there. It is very nice, The tents are large and has  a wooden basement. The walks from the tents to the main area are nicely done and you should  use your torch and watch out for snakes and scorpions which might lie around there at night. The  main area is open and very comfortable. Nice sofas, a great view (without any game but may be  snakes) and a lovely dining area where everybody including the staff is sitting at the same laaaarge table. It may be a funny round - we were lucky and our German humor was received well enough  (at least there was a lot of fun all around). The Camp is run by 2 very young twens. It’s not a couple but very dedicated and attentive. The staff is super friendly and seems to enjoy the family-a-like  atmosphere. Food is outrageous. On our last morning they did set up a sun-rise breakfast for  everybody on a hill in the wilderness and as it was so nice when the sun did come out the staff had a touching sing - champagen, fresh done eggs, fruits, coffee and an amazing view. May be thats  the reason why they put it up there. On can do game drives to spot the hill elephants and some  rhinos. Our guide did chase those all over for 10hours about the most rediciulous stones and rocks with the vehicle but we were unlucky albeit seeing everywhere a lot of tracks and dorppings. It’s a  lovely spot and you are in the desert - make sure you do not miss it. Wilderness Safaris are always  a great host. The Assessment below: click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE farewell breakfast on a little mountain - phantastic desert zebras Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool na Tent/ Room 80 not much of privatcy in the loo but great otherwise Restaurant atmosphere 90   all very open and super relaxed/ lounge Food 90 fresh game and just phantastic   Management & Staff 95 great fun Camp/ Lodge 90 Originality of reserve 90 untouched nature Diversity of reserve 50   no game but great landscapes Vehicle 90 the usual rangecruiser with roof Guide - communication 40 he wasn’t the great marketer but honest and may be dissapointed as he didnt find the ellis Guide - information 50   information was kept to a min. Guide - cust. orientation 50 dedication was great but lack of communication ruined it Wildlife - quantity  10   just a snake Wildlife - diversity 10   there are ellis and rhinos... but... Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences 10 the cought a snake :-)