Botswana and Zambia 2007 That’s how all begun. Amazing and very remote. Atmosphere and total set up was made for never leaving again. Have a look, after that we had to do it again and again and again and ... ! RE-RELEASED Kenia & Tanzania 2008 Great Migration, that was our aim - we missed them by 1 week only but - still: cats cats cats and still a lot of game in the Mara and Serengeti - where were the millions? Have a look! RE-RELEASED Zambia and South Africa 2009 After we saw the Vic Falls in 2006, we had to come back to Zambia and see a bit more - we did and had tons of insects thanks to the rain season, Still great. Later South Africa - a wedding at Phinda. Coool! RE-RELEASED Oh no! We became addicted for Safaris, wild life and the spirit of the plains of Africa. If you think about to do a safari be aware, you will always have to do it again. And if decent, you need to buy others out i.e. pay for exclusive spots! But if you are happy to do so, go ahead, you will find the magic of gods earth! Namibia 2010 Self drive trip this time - we wanted to have the utmost freedom - found it. Namibia is one of the nicest countries we came across so diverse and the desert... we were thrilled! RE-RELEASED Tanzania 2011 Ruahaa and Selous. Broadly unknown to so many (including us) but then bigger then almost anything else. Sametime almost no tourists. A Juewel bearly discovered yet! NEW