eagles are always beautiul common beaeater uncountable spring bocks Etosha is very diverse in terms of landscape the town of Halali the hut from inside great bathroom with views on the waterhole lions thirsty at the privat concession Britta videoing the lions from our veranda After leaving Onguma Camp we drove on our own through Etosha. This was good fun but not very  successful in terms of spotting. The majority of the area we cruised through was however  woodland and during the wet season there is not much to see. Still it was a great experience. We  drove to Halali, the place where the Germans did end finanlly the hunting in Etosha. Halali is the  check-in point and as such one of the exit points of the park. The resort is not nice and the food  one can get there is terrible. Don’t try if not a must! After passing Halali the road is tared and one reaches quickly the exit or Ongava. The way to  Ongava apears to be rocky and for Europeans may be a bit tricky. But cars can take quite  something. The Lodge is right up on a hill, surounded by a privat concession. Reception is nice and so are the rooms plus the veranda of both - the individual huts and the dining area. The views from there are great. One can oversee an open area with a waterhole (artificial) and forest. When we  were there, just after taking a shower and relaxing on our veranda, we heard lions roaring in the  forest. The sound went louder and then a huge family of lions came out of the forest and walked  towards the waterhole - an amazing experience! It’s may be 200m away and the lodge is not  fenced. So it felt a bit strange to leave the hut and then - however not visible for the lions - walk  towards the reception. Well - no worries, we are still able to write this here. Later around sun set a  rhino joined the lions at the waterhole - well joing is a big word - it chased the lions a bit off and  showed to them who is the boss. What a defeat! So no fight just a great combination of the 2  different species. We didn’t return into the Etosha but had the next morning just a game drive in the privat  concession. This area is due to too many predators not quite balanced, so the owners have to add  game on an anual basis. This leaves always the “Zoo-Taste” on ones tongue but still it was great  as we found the “glorious” lion pride relaxing.  The guide was great and very patient with us. Cool  lodge run by Wilderness. Keep it up. It’s a nice exit of the park and definately good for 2 nights! We did try to track rhinos for 45mins or so but were not fortunate though. The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool 90 nice pool Tent/ Room 95 great views from veranda Restaurant atmosphere 80   the chairs looked a bit cheap/ plastic Food 90   Management & Staff 90 very flex on short notice arrangements Camp/ Lodge 90 really cool lodge Originality of reserve 80 a bit zoo-ish but cool Diversity of reserve 90   they arranged great diversity Vehicle 90 the usual rangecruiser with roof Guide - communication     100 very good Guide - information     100   Guide - cust. orientation     100 Wildlife - quantity  80   not super good for big herds but lions in great numbers Wildlife - diversity 100   great because catered for Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences 100 rhino vers lions encountering click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE youngster male fully relaxed after the image "desater" the night before Rhino shows who is king thats the weaver bird, restlest and a master in nest building the amazing weaver brids home