the flat in tent style from inside on the way up north towards Etosha. The landscape changes frequently and is stunning! the dining and pool area nice bathroom the unexpected happend, black rhino crossing out of the woodland lioness with some "rouge" beautiful lila breastet roller bird lioness with some "rouge" after a digestive (water) oryx antilope dont need much water. they use a solar system and heat up their body during the day to cope with colder temeratures at night - smart hm?! stunning weather Jackel excited elli After a couple of hours drive one reaches Onguma Camp. The way to the camp goes via a privat concession right next to Ethosha National Park. It may be  pretty nice as the concession is rich in game. 10mins later one arrives at the Lodge. Its very  luxuerious and convinient. Food is excellent, location great and next to a pond in the concession  where at night porcupines and shakales are gathering. The way into the park is 10mins out of the concession and then one is already in. The first 15mins  into the park is via a tared road right towards one of the 3 headquarters for registering. The first  step into the park might appear boaring as the bushland next to the road is thick and one cant see  through. However next to the road there is usually some game feeding on the small grass patches  next to the road. Moreover we were lucky as a black rhino crossed the road right in front of us - we  were very fortunate.  Moses our guide was pretty short lipped we figured. For that kind of a price we had to pay we  thought a bit of a motivated guide would have been nice. We found out from him that he had to do  all shifts (morning, noon, afternoon and night-drive) for the camp. Moses told us that the camp  didnt want to hire an extra guide/ get one from the neighbouring camp which is run by the same  company. I can understand that this might be very exhausting for him. Asking the manager after  this he sad, that this has been only for a short while as one guide was off sick. Didnt help us there  at all. Moses was in terms of spotting still very clever and smart - we saw a lot- thanks to him! The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool 80 small but great location   Tent/ Room 95 Restaurant atmosphere 90   Food 90   Management & Staff 70 staff 90%, management 40% Camp/ Lodge 90 really cool lodge Originality of reserve 90 bit crowded at times though Diversity of reserve 90   Ethosha is great with great virarity Vehicle 90 the usual rangecruiser with roof Guide - communication 70 spotting 90%, communication 60% but improved ovver time Guide - information 80   Guide - cust. orientation 70 Wildlife - quantity  80   not super good for big herds but elephants in 40plus numbers Wildlife - diversity 100   great because of the varity of habitats Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences 50 fesh kill, great amount of elephants with little ones click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE family photo joungsters measure their strength sundowners - a must! Africa impresses over and over again with it beautiful colours that funny guy crossed the road in his strange shakey walk always cool to look at: a group of wildabeast Ostriche a rarity we think, a bunch of Giraffes at the same place again beautiful, Etosha comes up with a vast viarity of landscapes the biggest bird on the planet which is able to fly: Colibastard no body could ever paint the sky anybetter afternoon atmosphere with some rainfalls in the back