Hurghada 2000, Egypt First money earned, desperate for sun, 2 weeks of holidays, not too expensive: Egypt! Bored after 3 days of doing not much at the beach - discovered diving Safaga 2001, Egypt Thought, diving is cool, we are almost professionals (we were not), a bit of money to be spend, trying to avoid the crowds at the beach and by the reef El Queseir 2002, Egypt Now we were after serious diving, still afraid of sharks (didn’t see any yet). Mainly on shore diving. First dives on our own. Dive-Holidays We do dive in all of the three Oceans - but not in fresh-water. It’s not that we don’t like fresh water (we drink it everyday) but it’s often cold, dark, and there is not much to see which is colourful. Have a look where we have been and if you would like it aswell. One final note may be: We put on each diving holiday the number of our logged dives. Why - we found out that divers, who spend the very first time a minute in a muddy lake consider this as the kind of best dive spot on the planet. So did we! The more one comes around the more everything is put into perspective. Thats why! Filitheyo 2002, Maldives Now, we wanted to see sharks, see if the Barcadi-Feeling could be real and put in some money for the ultimate diving experience Safaga 2003, Egpt No onshore diving again like in Quesir. And where can one go with just one week of holidays elsewhere?! Sulawesi, 2003, Indonesia Honeymoon, something special needs to be found. 3 weeks of diving in the middle of nowwhere. No flushing water, no permanent electriciy and not to many people neither. Mauritius 2003 All was set for skiing in Ischgl, Austria in the week before Christmas - but then there was now snow. So - last minute diving somewhere... let’s try Mauritius then. Hamata 2004, Egypt Wanted to go to Sudan but then on the other hand not to sponsor the government too much. Hamata looked close to Sudan. Sipadan and Kapalai 2004, Malaysia Let’s see more sharks, more baracudas and all this litle critters. Shot 500+ pictures only to find out at home that the shutter of the camera didn’t work most of the times. Yap 2005, Micronesia Now Mantas needed to be seen - and grey reef sharks in great numbers. 4 weeks time, worth to do a long journey. Palau 2005 Just next to Yap, Blue Corner often heard, never seen. Sharks sharks sharks, but it was much more! Griavaru 2006, Maldives 2 weeks, not too much money on hand, so a budget dive-holiday needed urgently. Found something in line which was great for diving - much better then thought!. Elaidhoop 2006, Maldives Dull weather at home already, desperate for the usual and more. Ari Atoll is famous - for good reasons! Galapagos, 2007, Ecuador A dream came true, at the end of the world - some mystic islands - untouched. Tough diving well rewarded! Rangiroa, 2008, French Polynesia. End of the world but we didn’t mind long flights anymore as long as there is something special at the end. There was... Fakarava, 2008, French Polynesia Another Atoll there which tons of sharks. Really spectacular! Bahamas, 2009, Bahamas Andros and New Providence - we had again 4 weeks - combined it with a 10 days sailing cruise (see sailing trips). Did the shark rodeo - which we do not like but here the industry is just only after that. Angava, 2010, Maldives Quick 9 days of diving. Wanted to see whale sharks in the South Ari Atoll - amazing, we got ‘em!