Lounge Area with the open kitchen in the back Heading now north, taking the inner route of Namibia towards Okinjima, the AfriCat-Projet funny traffic signs our room Olive-Grove from outside (Terrace) Street-Signs Windhuk, there we did begin our journey. And as always, it’s good too settle down and relax a bit before going for something big. So we  booked a night in th B&B Olive Grove  via Internet. Nice rooms, lovely people and all very relaxed. It feels like checking into somebodys privat house but not disturbing. The kitchen is open and  absolutely accessible. The staff seems too enjoy the work and the talks with the guests. Rooms are not over shot in terms of luckery but still very nice and comfortable. Windhuk, the City and Capital of Namibia itself is - in our eyes - not too exicting. There are German  street names every here and then - which looks wired. Some churches are just like we know them  from home but then all in all it seems like a drive through plus a few dertours and then it is done. There are nice restaurants there howeven and some cool bars. The Namibian beer brewed in line  with german purity law is super cool! You should definately try this instead of Heineken or the usual tasteless but safe haven beers. The Assessment: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool     100 nice pool in a waterless area Tent/ Room 80 wooden huts would hve been nicer but they face zyclones at times thus the construction Restaurant atmosphere 85   nice, terrace with great views Food 90   and good wine in the menue Management & Staff 90 very kind (!), one feels that the owner is out there since quite some time though... Camp/ Lodge 85 nicely maintained Originality of reserve 80 in the middle of nowwhere really Diversity of reserve 90   they arranged great diversity Vehicle na didnt use click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE