outside our flat inside we were lucky that the paradise birds were in mating mood, otherwise they wouldnt have had their amazing tales the reception and dining area another paradise bird hungry more lively back at his kill from the previous day porcupines love being fed cheetha which was raised there but without a mum thus unable to hunt in nice light Okonjima, the AfriCat-Projet - Cats, which are being “not-welcomed” at farms are - if the cats are  lucky - caught a brougt to Okinjima. If they are small they are being brought up and later released  into areas where they have a future - inside of Namibia or outside. This happens in Okinjima. May  fell like a Zoo at times - so it’s not a real Safari one would say but certainly a good project and good for those who love to encounter the cats very close and with a certain gurantee. This is because  leopards are carrying radio transmitters which makes it easier to find them (if they are not in the  thicket). We felt like it is strange that the guids keep on telling tourist that they try to avoid human contact  and that the animals are meant to be wilde. Having said that he the guide did try to attract the Cats by talking to them and making them somewhat moving. We feel like this is not the optimal way of  treating wildlife. The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool na   Tent/ Room 90 one side of the room was fully open - great   Restaurant atmosphere 90   Food 80   Management & Staff 80 friendly and accessible Camp/ Lodge 80 nicely done but then no “real” wildlife Originality of reserve 40 small fenced areas to raise the cats Diversity of reserve 40   can’t compare with a true reserve Vehicle 90 the usual rangecruiser with roof Guide - communication 70 communicative but as above treated animals like pets Guide - information 100   Guide - cust. orientation 90 Wildlife - quantity  40   Wildlife - diversity 40   Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences 50 yes we saw leopards and chethas but it felt like a zoo click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE