Flamingos leaving Swakopmund Fascinating desert Jan in front of some old caves road through the hills Jan in an empty river bed sloping down after leaving the hills still desert but rocky weaver birds homes Oryx Antilope in the middle of nowhere near Rostock Ritz (which is in the middle of ~) here you need to exit the main road and go through the gate Once out of Swakopmund the road goes just next to the water further into a deserted area. Before  entering one have to opportunity to stop by the sea at a shallow area where flamingos are filtering  the water after small shrimps. It’s not a particulary nice spot but still for the sake of the flamingos -  still nice. After that you are back in the desert- again, amazing colours and landscapes. First its completly  flat but then it turns a bit rocky and when you reach the RostockRitz Gate it is really full of stones  and very bumby (well we had our experiences already from Daramaland so....). It’s not a short ride if you take your moments and stop every here and then - so one arrives  somewhat in the afternoon at Rostock Ritz, just early enough for a perfect beer and sunset. Be  aware, the night is really chilly. RostockRitz is worth for staying 2 nights, tracking should be nice there and there are some cave  paintings propably a bit older than us (pls refer to their homepage). The Ritz is run by a German who did run a pub earlier in Swakopmund. The flats are quite unique  in the way they are made up. The entire lodge is nicely set up. Water - one may wonder where this  is coming from given that they have a hughe pool - is pumped some double digit-kilometers away  out of a bore hole. It’s - as stated above - a good one for 2 nights as it’s good for chilling aswell. But only spend there  one night which was okay aswell. The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool     100 nice pool in a waterless area Tent/ Room 80 wooden huts would hve been nicer but they face zyclones at times thus the construction Restaurant atmosphere 85   nice, terrace with great views Food 90   and good wine in the menue Management & Staff 90 very kind (!), one feels that the owner is out there since quite some time though... Camp/ Lodge 85 nicely maintained Originality of reserve 80 in the middle of nowwhere really Diversity of reserve 90   they arranged great diversity Vehicle na didnt use click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE the amazing pool in the desert stone garden at Rostock Ritz and a hut in the back sunset with purple-ish skies