Botswana and Zambia October 2007 A friend of us told us about how great Safaris are. Sleeping to the sound of the wild, watching game and the daily drama, enjoying the comfort in the bush, this all did sound too compelling to us. This is how all started and we imidiately fell addicted to that. We started our Botswana tour with the Victoria Falls, in Zambia, crossed the Chobe river where the four countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana meet, to drive to the Elephant Valley Lodge close to the Chobe National Park. We then flew from Kasane to Lebala Lodge in the Linyanti Reserve, a private concession. In the Okavango Delta we stayed at both, a camp within the Moremi National Park, the Xakanaxa Lodge, and at a private reserve, the Kwara Camp. The final stop of our Safari was at the Deception Valley Lodge, in the Kalahari Game Reserve. Having no a bit of a compairson with our safari destinations, we think that either Botswana or Serengeti/ Tanzania are the perfect “first time safari locations” one could think of. The Map has some hyperlinks/ sensetive spots where you can click on and follow our journey. Elsewise you can click on the links in the text. All photos were shot with a Canon 30D.