Kenya        Tanzania   In October 2008 we travelled Kenya and Tanzania for a bit more than 2 weeks. Our stations had been:   Maasai Mara:                            Rekero Camp Lake Manyara Nationalpark:    Unoto Lodge (outside of the park) Ngorongoro Nationalpark:        Serena Lodge Serengeti Nationalpark:           Privat Camp (hosted exclusively for us by Naipenda Safaris) Zanzibar:                                 Bawe Island  In regard to the nationalparks we did choose our trip in order to experience the great migration of the 1.2 millions wildebeest. To be honest: we didn’t see them in that large numbers albeit we requested the travel agency to pick to locations accordingly. We didn’t have much choice in selecting our holidays but were very open in terms of locations. One have to accept that this is all nature and the wildlife doesn’t follow a calendar strictly. Nonetheless one could have wished to have a bit more lucky. We had chosen “bornfree” in the US to arrange everything. They themselves are working together with “Naipenda Safaris”- a local Safari operator. Next time we would go back to a South African operator again – just like we did for our Botswana trip. They know the nature in great detail and understand visitor’s needs and desire just right. To read a bit more about the pros and cons for choosing this or the other company click HERE.  Anyway: we have seen a lot and we have to say: it has been a great wildlife which we had the pleasure to enjoy. Now have a look yourself! map contains hyper-links - Enjoy!