Lahami Bay, Hamata July 2004 Hotel:                      Lahami Bay Beach Resort & Gardens Diving Centre:           Ocean Pro Divers Duration:                    7 days Diving experience:   Advanced Open Water Certificate, Dive 90 - 103   Assessment:   Hotel Satisfaction in % Comments     Overall impression 80 Room 70 toilet separatly Meals 85 Buffet, pasta prepared freshly when ordered Atmosphere of restaurant 85 Service at restaurant 80 Ratio of price/ performance 70 Resort 70 Pool 85 Cleanliness/ hygiene 85 Beach 60           Diving Satisfaction in % Comments     Variety of diving spots 80     Quality of diving spots 70     Quality of boat 80 2 toilets, clean, spacious Service on board 65 transfer on board by truck throught staff Meals on board 50     Service at diving cenre 80 Print-out of dive spots with dive profile at check- out Quality of diving cenre 85     Ratio of price/ performance 60 Nitrox charged extra Equipment 70     Briefings/ Safety 65 decompression chamber in Marsa Alam           Location Satisfaction in % Comments     Accessibility/ transport connection 40 Flight via Munic or Düsseldorf (update: now directly from Frankfurt) Nightlife 20 sitting in tent of beduins Shopping facilities 10 Other activities 20   At a glance travelling to the hotel furthest south in Egypt seems a hassle: Going by train from Frankfurt to Munich in the evening, getting up at 4 in the morning to catch a cab to go to the airport, landing in Marsa Alam and spending another 2:20 transfer to the hotel.... but it is worth it!   Hotel: The hotel was the best by far that we had seen in Egypt. A room that does not have to stand back in international comparison of 4-star hotels (against all odds), breakfast and dinner that are full in variety and quality, especially considering that all ingredients had to be shipped through the desert. But why flying to Egypt in July when there are 40 degrees in the shade in the first place? Situation at work forced us to take our vacation in July and we were pleasantly surprised: An almost empty hotel without any quarrel in the restaurants or on the diving boats to get best seating. Very pleasant. The hotel ist very quiet, we did not hear a thing which we appreciated a lot, taking a break from the big city and work, enjoying the silence. There was not much of a nightlife, the usual waterpipe bars, but we did not come for nightlife in the first place.   Diving: The diving centre of ocean-pro seemed very professional, equipped to cope with masses of divers but nothing is for free - meaning everything is charged extra: Each boat trip, even for the night dive which was a four minute trip into the bay and additional charges for the night dive... that is adding up! But then again it has been the only diving centre we know in Egypt offering charts of the dive sites for the dives conducted at check-out including diving duration and depth. Considering that the oxygyn for the Nitrox has to be shipped from Kairo, the additional nitrox charge is reasonable. The diving boats have been excellent!!!. Not even the two bathrooms/ toilets reaked. A lot of space to set up and undo the gear, to lay out in the sun and to eat. The port for the boats is approximately in 800 metres (1/2 a mile) distance. That has the advantage that the sun worshipper lying at the beach are not disturbed by the boats. The transfer from the diving centre to the port is organised with a truck, seating all divers on wooden bars in the back of the truck. A controversal subject - at least on web pages - are the safety standards of a dive centre. We personally thought its critical that a) there were no flashing/ bolting lights were offered for night dives and b) that after dives the presence of each diver was not checked on a list. The diving instructor Bernhard did a good job knowing the names of all divers pretty fast and probably would have noticed if one of us was missing. Nontheless, we would have felt more secure knowing that our names are put on a list and checked after the dive. In principle it is a flaw that no safety jacket or buoy were on board (even if we had our dive jackets). The boat had oxygyn on board but in case of hitting a reef.... well, there is always something amiss... We addressed the story of the propeller and the terminally injured member of the boat crew: We were told that during the time of the accident it was Ramadan and staff was not really concentrating on work. Most accidents happen during and because of (?) the Ramadan. We were not present but certainly accidents happen. The diving itself was really nice. Especially the canyon reefs were unique - not only because of the inhabitants but alos because of the rays of light from above, a "light show". We saw the oceanic whitetip after diving. Even though the crew warned about not going in the water, most divers jumped in with their snorkels and masks to get a closer glimpse of the shark. We also went in, staying close to the boat and keeping enough other divers in between us and the shark. The oceanic whitetip was cruising around the boat patiently and it was a great joy to watch this fantastic swimmer in the water. Unfortunately, we missed the Manta but if you are lucky, you have a chance of seeing them. There is no guarantee but we really enjoyed most of the dives. The house reef is ok, nothing out of the ordinary but definitely worth one dive. We dived at the house reef starting from the beach but the reef itself is a lot larger and it would probably be a good idea to also make a trip with the boat to a spot further out. We made the dive at the house reef right after we had arrived and checked in, so it was really nice to "get used" to diving again. But see for yourself: