Safaga, Egypt - May 2003 Hotel:                  Hotel Menaville Diving centre:    Menadive Duration:            7 days Experience:       Advanced Open Water Certificate, Dives 50 - 61   Assessement:   Hotel Setisfactory  in % Remarks     Overall impression 60 Room 50 Meals 50 Atmosphere of restaurant 50 70% actually, but  -20% re lot's of noise/ entertainment Service at restaurant 60 Ratio of price/ performance 70 Resort 50 Pool 60 Cleanliness/ hygiene 70 Beach 70           Diving   Variety of diving spots 85 Quality of diving spots 60 Quality of boat 65 Service on board 40 Meals on board 40 Service at diving cenre 70 Quality of diving cenre 70 Ratio of price/ performance 70 Equipment 70 Briefings/ Safety 85 in case of a baro trauma quick help available           Location   Accessibility 85 Nightlife 20 annoying entertainment Shopping facilities 20 Other activities 70 A sad chapter: The Salem Express - Sunk 1993   There is a lot of speculation about the sinking of the Salem Express. We don't want to participate on that how this happend. However it is a fact that the roll-on-roll-of fary hit the reef, deforming the front  and after pulling back the front door  was wide open for the water. Rapidly the ship got list and sunk with almost everbody being still on board. The rescue boats are still there - at the bottom - approx at a depth of 32m. Some hundreds had to die and not all of them were pulled out of the wrack later. Now the Salem Express has been declared as grave officially. A scary place which we visted with great respect.