Vessel: Beneteau Oceanis 37, Little One Equipment: VHF, Barbecue, Dinghi 6BHP, 3 Cabins Provider: Cumberland Yachting Journey:: approx. 200nm, 10 days Setting: Due to a mile special by US Airways we were able to fly for the price of an ordinary economy flight first and business class to Australia/ Brisbane. So we thought we could sleep and relax and just enjoy a lovely easy day up in the air with all amnesties one could ever dream off. And it worked very well with little jet-lag. 2 weeks Australia is really feasible. The area looks very nice. We knew that we would have whales with their babies in this area (between June and October) and the temperatures were somewhat mild but not super hot. Water a bit chilly I have to say though. Pros were clearly easy navigation due to eyesight navigation, lovely and save area, coverage by VHF, whale season, wonderful holding Cons were very restricted cruising area, some areas a bit crowded, shaky anchorages at times (due to current and wind fetch) Is it easy? Well you have a bit of tide (3m) and thus some current which is not helpful when wind is against current. Moreover crossing upwards against tide of 1-2 knots of current - tricky. One has to plan the journey a bit which is fine however due to the limitations it tends to be difficult. We saw some sailing vessels motoring quite a bit - hmm. There is no formal licence required however one should have a bit of practice in sailing and they give you a little test i.e. jibs, etc. But thats really easy. The reward for this efforts and money one is spending for coming over from Europe is well spend though - have a look below: