well maintained stranded trawler doesnt look that different, does it?! spacious rooms the rooms from outside breakfast room sunset - not cloudy surpirsingly As Cape Cross wasnn’t really grade to stay and while we heard some good stuff about  Swakopmund from others we met we decided to book a room on a short notice. The Lodge is at  the end of Swakopmund and everything is 3-4 meters above the sandy ground. We found it in  flyers somewhere and thought it would be a good stay. So was the booking via the phone and the  welcome once arrived there.   Swakopmund is bi-languale, advertisements are in english and german - which looks funny  somewhere in Namibia. However the majority of the architecture looks has stong european/  german footprints if not identical arrangements. The city super cool and not crowded. There are  really good but crowded restaurants available - so book well in advance (if you can) - the reception  is more then helpful here. We don’t think its necessary to spend more then one day. So if you arrive in the evening and leave  the morning following the next day, then you should be fine. Still it’s a nice town. The Assessment below:   Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool na Tent/ Room 75 nice, not extra ordinary but held in warm colours. Restaurant atmosphere 80   like above Food 80 continental breakfast and fresh coffee Management & Staff 90 extremly friendly and helpful Originality of reserve 60 Lodge style somewhat but not luxery click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE