tree which is used as a home-basemennt by weaver birds water pumping station and again, deserted land great landscape and skies our hut at &beyond one of the 2 terrace we had there (privatly) our hut at &beyond view from the lodge bar oryx on the vlei fox desert in sunset light Our last stay was for sure one of the absolut greatest. We were booked intoo &Beyond Soussovlei  Lodge for 3 nights. The luxery there is hard to beat so is the friendliness of the staff and guides. One day dinner was served on our terrasse which was prepared with a lot of candle and oil lamps.  The other day (last day) by the pool and then the other day right in front of the bar - always like as  we were honeymooners - great. We had the choice of what we wanted - chicken or superb game  fillet. &Beyond has a telescope which is run by a volunteer who is there for a month or so.  Minimum qualitfication is a serious hobby astronom, when we were there it was a professional one  who just enjoyed the great views of the sky in the desert. We were not much after stars but it  ended in a session lasting an hour. Really a must do! Things one can do there is: ballon ride (extra charge), quads, game drive, drive into the sand  dunes etc. All but the the ballon ride is included. The guys are always after something very extr.  After we spend our last afternoon in riding the quad through the sand dunes we were welcomed by a snack and chilled drinks on sand dunes with white pillows and our personal waiter. Moreover we  did go for a snake search and our phantastic guid was happy to do so. Usually we find that guides  and people in Africa are really trying to avoid those reptiles. But here - no problem. So atmosphere, kindeness, ideas of treating uss better then expected, consideration - all was extra extra extra but  never complicated but just as it was with friends. Great!!! The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool     100 a bit chilly given the season but super cool Tent/ Room     100 Restaurant atmosphere     100   Food     100   Management & Staff     100 Camp/ Lodge     100 Originality of reserve     100 Diversity of reserve 70   landscape 100, game scattered: its in the desert Vehicle     100 for the longer distance they changed the car into one with windows and doors Guide - communication     100 Guide - information     100   Guide - cust. orientation     100 Wildlife - quantity  40   desert Wildlife - diversity 40   Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences 70 snakes, montain zebras click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE preparing the hot air  baloon sundowner on a sand dune sandunes with grass talen from the balloon dramatic landscapes mountain zebras running oryx and ostrich 5:30 or so in the morning 2 horn odder half way up, quite difficult to walk on the edge big daddy sand dunes - super tough to climb it sitting on the top dry former floadded area (since the dunes cut off any water supply a 1000 yrs ago). The trees are that old! dead trees Britta enjoying the ride followed by a guide owl watching us suspicious the colours are NOT FAKE or edited at all!!! fair well sun-downer - guys, u were amazing!!!