Cornwall, UK 2011 While Jan lived in London we were eager to come around a bit in England. A country which we would have propably not visited in the foreseable future. But an extended weekend or so, a rediciouls amount of driving and then we finally got out of London and arrived in Cornwall. It’s beautiful, this to start with. Propably the nicest area we came across so far in England. However, if the weather is nasty then it can be quite grey - and as per weather data - it most of the time is. Steep cliffs, caribian beaches, sufers (in icey water), nice breath, cracking waves and not to forget the original cream tea (incl. scowns with clotted cream and jam - a must!!! rhich and super tasty). Even the people were friendly - slightly grumpy at times (propably due to the weather) but in a charming way. If you want to go there check the internet for bed&breakfast. 4 stars should ensure you a comfi stay. It comes with breakfast and usually in a very cosy atmosphere. Book a bit in advance as holiday weekends in the right season swamps the area. Not only the countryside but the small small villages top up the experience. Go there by car if you are a keen driver. Ther roads are super narrow in this small fishermen villages which makes driving in an SUV challanging. One man find simple restaurants and nicer ones. Around the coast one can book almost everywhere, it will be nice and even dramatic. Landsend, the most southwestern point is nice to see but messed up - there are 4d (what ever this means) cinemas and everything looks pretty american stlye. The view from there is still worth it all. So enough of talking - enjoy the pics: