we were all alone usually Skleton Coast and the entire area shows no sign of civilisation the entrance to the national park "Skeleton Coast" one can see how well the road are being maintained straight roads, good for 120km/h usually great colours even with this somewhat overcasted weather conditions sealion collony if not in the water they smell quite a bit constant fighting if one is not borne as a female We left Ongava in the morning hours as we had a) a bit of a journey ahead of us and b) wanted to  look around at the Skeletton Coast. The way from there is amazing. Open desert (not hot but dry)  and amazing colours everywhere. The wind formed the dunes into brathtaking forms. It is worth to  stop every now and then and to take pictures. Be careful when you drive with your 4x4 (mandatory) on the beach. The sand is soft and one need to drive in the 2nd gear full steam ahead spinning like crazy shaking like anything. If not the car will get quickly slower and end up being stuck. That’s  what happend to us certainly. The vehicle was burried quite a bit. We used our hands to shovle it  out which worked somewhat but then one is still not in motion. Go a bit downwards towards the  water and once one is moving a bit, full power! Cape Cross is dreadful only worth stopping for the thousands of sealions. They sink to hell but are  funny and the males are continiously fighting their territory. The lodge Cape Cross is sole-less. The food tasteless or if it tastes of anything its terrible. The  personal totally unexperienced and try to pretend that they offer first class something. We were  booked in for 2 days but left after one. There is not much more to do then checking the sealions  out. Swakopmund is much nicer! Don’t stay there as Swakopmund is near by. The Assessment below: Assessment Criteria Satisfaction  in % Comments Pool na Tent/ Room 60 clean but like cold Restaurant atmosphere 30   there is a fireplace but thats really all Food 30 Management & Staff 30 they just look sorry Camp/ Lodge 40 build without emotions Originality of reserve 0 its not at all fitting into the environment Diversity of reserve 70   in the desert, landscape great Vehicle na Guide - communication na Guide - information na   Guide - cust. orientation na Wildlife - quantity  80   big numbers of sealions Wildlife - diversity 20   sealions, jackels, hynias (brown) Wildlife - extraordinary occurrences na click here: BACK TO NAMIBA-START-PAGE by far too many to count looks like in the former GDR from the front the beach but you will never take a swim here - much to cold the room looks much better then it was