Wind- & Leewards Islands Caribbean - Nov 2015                     Vessel: Sun Odyssee 509 Equipment: VHF, Dinghi 5BHP, 5 Cabins (no EPRIB), Watermaker Provider: Dreamyach Charters (France), Broker: Windward Islands Journey: 180nm, 14 days Crew: Mirja & Georg - sister (in law) and brother (in law) Guadeloupe, Des Saints, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, Martinique With two children, just 2.5 years and 9mth old our love for sailing and the dependency from any other infrastructure (while avoiding mass tourism) was clearly challenged. Our last sail was in September 2014 in Turkey. Well protected waters and short distances did let us choose this territory while Britta being pregnant at the same time,  Carl not even 1.5 years old and his grandma came along. Now Brittas sister and her husband did jump on and our dream to sail the Caribbean again was reincarnated. This time we decided to go south starting from Guadeloupe again. Why? a) we were late in booking and the broker was not able to find a boat which offered the appropriate specs we were looking for so we had to accept a return to Martinique (which was actually wonderful) b) distances are shorter going south which did contributed better to our concerns that a 3-4 hrs sail for our little ones would leave enough time to cater for their (other) needs. Our plan worked out well we think. The movement of the boat did make Louise very sleepy. Same with Carl who suffered a bit from seasickness we believe. It was Carls 5th sail trip in his yound life and we figured that now, that he turned well above 2 he felt a tad uncomfortable. He did adopt to our night sleeping hours so he had a subsequent lack of sleep from here which make him sleeping all through to our sail journeys. Our journey: Point a Pitre, taking over the boat 22nm Des Saints, Terre de Haut (clearing out) 21nm Dominica, Portsmouth (clearing in and out, land excursion) 20nm (mainly motoring in the shadow of Dominica) Dominica, Roseau (mooring bouy - one of many - slightly north of the anchorage hotel 35,5nm Martinique, St Pierre (failed to clear in since the tourist office was closed. We anchored very close to shore in a good holding spot. The place enjoys moreover an almost complete wind protection and thus appears to be safer than it is described in the pilot) 32.5 nm Martinique, Le Marin (surprisingly very good sailing after we left St Pierre! Then had to fight against wind and waves when approaching Le Marin which is east against prevailing trade winds and thus limits speed. Tacking against the wind and thus causing a much prolong journey wasn't very attractive given our small crew members. We got our water maker fixed here in the marina which proves to be busy and very loud. Having said this restaurants are very low quality to say the least) 33nm St Lucia, Rodney Bay (very large bay, lots of anchorages. Anchore in the northern end or more at the South wind depend. Holding ok but stress your anchor since their is a lot of sea weed. The bay is noisey with lots of crazy speedy water toys. Beach looks better from the distance but water is clean + clear. Clarence in the marina (which is difficult to spot) and is pretty much in the south. They have a separate dingy jetty) 9nm St Lucia, Marigot (entrance much either than thought - you will be welcomed by a "pilot" right at the approach to the bay. The bay is well buoyed. Almost there are no places which allow you to drop your anchore but in the north part of the approach which is well sheltered. The rest is full of buoys. Looks like Disney and a movie has been shoot there for obvious reasons.) 9nm St Lucia, Rodney Bay 33nm Martinique, Le Marin - checking out