Bay of Naples, Italy                     Vessel: Hanse 470e Provider: Bluecharter, Broker: Windward Islands Journey:: 120nm, 14 days Praslin - Capri - Amalfi - Capri - Marina d Stabia - Santa Lucia - Ishia - Praslin Jan had to take 14 days mandatory time absent hence we had to take holidays. Given boring alternatives and the iinability (since Carl is just 5 month old) to go for a decent safari or diving cruise we chose to go sailing again. Again - just like in Mallorca - a self-tacking jib but a bigger boat we preferred in order to get ample space for ours and Carl's gear. We thought it would be an easy undertaking to go while offseason and find an appropriate vessel just like that. Croatia or Turkey we thought of but we got disappointed. However we were introduced to an area we never thought of yet. Naples/ Procidia that was in south Italy. The area is magnificent. And given it was end of season mass tourism somewhat eased a little - still in the centers of Capri or Amalfi if was packed during the day. Carl is now a little older than in August and grew to a much more demanding little man. Having said this handling a boat like this without a bowthruster becomes shorthanded even more tricky. We had the occasion to run into a thunderstorm while the halyard was twisted around the mast light (main was down though and only the jib was out), gusts up to 22kn and the lightning. Except for the lighting all easy with more hands. We went back into the marina at Capri (which we just left 45 mins earlier) with the radio telling us to standby (there was heavy rainfall in the meantime and the dock hands all disappeared). Carl was yelling downstairs and Britta was down too to calm him down and feed him. The Fenders Jan kicked out while on autopilot. While riding the gusts in the marina and circling eventually the dock hands appeared. With side winds we set backwards getting directions from a Italian speaking hand on land. That's only semi-cool albeit all went well - however one has to consider this while being on the way with a crew member that young. The next boat we will charter will not only have a self tacking jib but a bowthruster :-) Things to consider: This was our most expensive charter holiday ever. It was NOT the boat. Capri asked for 195€ per night albeit the Marina was half empty. Stabia 135€, Santa Lucia 100€, Amalfi 90€ and Ishia the cheapest 70€. Let’s remember that we paid in St. Bath, caribean 30€ per night. While Britta and I were amazed about the great food available in the stores everywhere we found that a 30€ taxi fare for just 6-8km of journey is a clear rip-off. Don’t expect that the driver’s english is good enough to bargain. Calling the police about that would have cost probably half a day with an unclrear outturn. This all to gether did add the wrong spice to this trip. The landscape is super beautiful but the evidence of getting cheated by that degree at all times is not what we are looking for. The various marinas: Praslin: well protected marina. Water and electricity everywhere. Just right were the town is. Very little tourism but very beautiful and underestimated. Capri: Gucci Island. Water and electricity everywhere. Approach the marina and once you are in call the dock hands. Dont do it before. Dont expect that they expect any attamps for reservations. Packed with tourist at all times. Through the roof expensive. Nice restaurants though. Amalfi: okay protected marina. the dock hands come out and park the boat which feels strange but they park it at places one would never consider to park a boat. Very reliable in this respect. Beautiful town. During the day crowded but that eases since not too many hotels around in the town. Take a bus trip to the summit. Breathtaking view. Marina de Stabia: the Marina is super modern and the best protected marina one can thing of. The water is that still that its full of moscitos (!). There is a 1star michelin restaurant at the club. Everything else is far off. No shops w/o taking a cap. Pool included. The marina itself is well located to visit Pompeji. Stabia itself had been one of the towns which got blown away at that time. Santa Lucia: very little marina but if you get a bearth beautiful and right in the town. Very nice views to the Vesuv and the castle. Nice promenande but not for shopping. Ishia: the ferries cause an ignorant amount of swell. But still nice marina and a lot of restaurants right there. Beautiful islands.   Bay of Naples - Dolphin at the bow Northside Capri Capri, Sea view Capri, the famous arches Capri, the famous arches Amalfi Coast Marina in Amalfi Amalfi Coast Beach at Amalfi Amalfi Coast Pompeji Forum Different Ash-Layers in Pomeji Santa Lucia Marina Santa Lucia Marina Santa Lucia Marina with Vesuv