Palma de Mallorca August 2013                     Vessel: Hanse 385 Equipment: VHF, Dinghi 5BHP, 3 Cabins Provider: Hanse Sailing Yachtcharter und -handels GmbH Journey:: some 120 nm, 7 days Palma - St.Ponsa - P.Andratx - Puerto Soller -P. Partels - Ca’n Pastilla - Palma After Carl’s birthday end of May we thought about when would be the right time to get him on the water. Needless to say we were a little worried take a baby out. Hence we surfed and googled the internet and as every so often: pros and cons. After all we came back to a common sense decision: a) medical aid should be close b) short distances c) settled weather d) boat easy to handle. And that’s it. We did it on a very conservative level, didn’t expect much sailing or anything exciting. In fact we had zero (veering) to 22knots of wind. What we didn’t like too much sailing in this area was: its swamped and very busy. We did chose to go around the west coast starting from Palma albeit the base manager said there is not much to do. He was right, anchoring was limited or with poor holdings. In some areas were mooring buoyes available (against a fee) but the swell reduced comfort to a minimum. Hence we preferred to stay in marinas usually. The landscape meaning the western coast of Mallorca is very impressing with its steep cliffs. One can sail very close usually. Dining in the bay of Palma or at marinas like Port Antratz is excellent. One last word to Carl: If a baby is stable health wise, at this age it will usually eat or sleep. So Carl offered us a lot of spare time which helped the sailing shorthanded. When the boat healed over he was usually in his bed which was fixed between the banks and the cockpit table and cloudnt slip backwards. So it’s feasible save - and doesn’t give too much of additional hassle.